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The most effective Forex Scalping Strategy

This Thing Works

I've been using SuperFx_Agimat on a live account for a month now and have found it to be lucrative. I've never seen so many winning trades before. Learn how to use the system and follow the rules and you'll end up in the money. Thanks guys

Denis Mories

Excellent software you can't do without...

For almost three years, I've been effectively swing trading with Agimat FX 2020 software...And since its release, I've been using Agimat FX IQ new scalping program with great success...The entire secret to using Agimat products successfully, as usual, is the discipline to observe the rules! If you do, I don't see how you wouldn't make money, despite the occasional very small losses that are implicit in all trading strategies and trading software...That's part of the trading game, but it doesn't mean you can't achieve positive profits consistency...

Matthew Abrams

A must have trading system

A fantastic predictor and soon-to-be EA. When necessary, Dennis and his staff are helpful and responsive. Finally, if you follow the rules, you will earn money!


I have succesfully been manually

I have been manually trading with this method for a month and am up 79% with a drawdown of 0.28%, which is unheard of! Seriously. I've been dealing for many years and have never felt this satisfied. It's quite compulsive. However, I adhere to the guidelines. On Fridays, there is no trading. And only exchange when it instructs you to. Also, keep your portion size in mind and avoid being greedy.

Charles Mcflery 

Amazing trading system

I've been using signs and trading for 12 years, always hoping but not expecting something AMAZING to happen, which I knew would happen one day because I am a believer, ARE YOU?
I have made nearly 50 trades with three rookie errors on my behalf because I am still fine tuning my own emotins to suit the trading requirements, STICK TO THE RULES and you will get 100% no joke.
I'd like to applaud Dennis for sharing his personal perseverance with us all.

Wonder Mcdonalds

Stable, Consistent and Profitable 

I'd like to offer my honest opinion about Dennis' new AGIMAT FX. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU FOLLOW THE RULES, NOT CREATE YOUR OWN...
Concerning the new AGIMAT FX, I've been trying it (DEMO) on M5 since its release and have a perfect win rate. I simply follow the rules and avoid making trades simply because I want to make's that easy.

I am content with M5 and a 5 pips TP; of course, the trade could go further in the favorable direction, but I want to secure my trades, and 5 pips are sufficient. 


I am amazed by the Agimat-FX-Pro

Agimat-FX-Pro-Forex-System amazes me. It has truly transformed my life. Trading has been streamlined, and all that is required is patience. I'm eager to tackle my forex fund challenges, and I've already made 40% on a demo account in three days.

Because of the rate of profit provided by the signals, reducing lot sizes and adding a stop loss does not appear to be an issue.
Dennis, thank you for developing this Agimat-FX-Pro-Forex-System. Thank you, friend!

John Lucus